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15137_1274004567715_1157960964_851324_8162521_n.jpg Victoria Gallina

I am currently working on my Masters in Art & Art Education, and I hope to graduate this Spring. I work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, color-correcting children's books, which allows me to spend a great deal of time looking at art work, which is pretty wonderful.
I am finding that the work that we are doing in Research Methods keeps popping up in other areas of my life, my studio practice, and most importantly at the moment, with the formation of ideas surrounding my thesis research. My thesis work is to spend one year with one work of art. In the midst of the innumerable educational programs for visitor groups and classes, I hope by this extended looking, I will be able to create a template for self-guided learning with works of art that can then inspire and inform studio practices. But we'll see.

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Victorian-style short jacket, 2005. (Silhouettes of men and women in Victorian garb are sewn into the shoulder seams).

Self-portrait project, 2007. (Macy Gallery, Teachers College).

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