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Concept Visualized

A research concept randomly selected from a research article that was reviewed in class discussion was re-interpreted in a visual way to try to capture meaning that made sense on an individual level and could be effectively communicated to others.

The word, which was selected at random, was "probabilities." I've selected to represent this idea with a flash based (.swf) file which will later be applied to a song I'm currently recording to represent the idea. The song, like the .swf image (which will eventually be used to promote the song on my label web page), plays on the idea of skill which is in direct contrast to a true probability of success in which that probability of success can be mathematically determined. The .swf image is representative of a card game in which the probability of success changes depending on those cards that have already been dealt; in the .swf file, five face cards present themselves in succession which is common to a game like poker, however the face cards are in fact a manipulated, polaroid-like image of me as 'Humdrum', the recording artist. I've selected poker as the game-of-choice because, unlike blackjack which alleviates the question of reading the nonverbal behaviors of opponents because a dealer is locked into specific rules for taking an additional card, poker is a game in which skilled players read opponents' facial expressions as indicators of their emotions in order to sense weakness or bluffing, and to decide how much they themselves might bet.

That said, it is common in hip-hop culture for an emcee or vocalist to reference his/her own skill, or 'abilities' in lyrical battles of wit against real or perceived opponents. Therefore, I am playing on the idea of 'probABILITY' by emphasizing 'ability' in both a mathematical and a linguistic way. This .swf design, while serving as a promotion for the song, plays on the braggadocio and self-promotion common to hip-hip artists. While I would not necessarily identify myself as a hip-hop artist in the traditional sense, I've performed for some time as a drum 'n bass emcee, which has more of an electronica following. Unlike rap or hip-hop, the dnb vocalist is secondary to the DJ. The album I'm completing, however, is an individual effort, and is more so pop-electronica than drum 'n bass or hip-hop, although I would argue that at the end of the day, an emcee is an emcee, and all emcees want to be known for their skill with wordplay and wit. Additionally, I've written extensively about using pop-culture, particularly song and song lyrics to teach and learn in self-directed, self-regulated, authentic constructivist classrooms.


Visual Bibliographic Analysis

This task involves designing a structure that identifies the theorists, philosophers, practitioners, and any other sources that inform a student’s emerging research identity. The source of the idea is found in thinking about how a bibliography can be visualized as a system of theories and practices that are indexed according to areas of content, ideas, and interests. In other words, the task was to create a referencing circle/network/community, that is content-based (rather than alphabetical). The bibliographic structure is to be presented as a self-contained entity.