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Mapping, Indexing and Modeling

This image is simply a concept map which demonstrates the way I think about my life, my interests, and the various parts of my 'self.' Despite my diverse interests, I readily self-identify as a communications professor. I've found that this title helps me to make sense of the different aspects of my life, which are all communications related, and include the artist (as I am a drum 'n bass emcee/ vocalist, music producer, as well as a documentary filmmaker), the thinker (as I enjoy theorizing, conducting academic inquiries, and expressing my opinions and research both through writing and digital media), the performer (as I am quick to crack a joke, attempt to steal the dance floor, or battle anyone that can rhyme), the persuader (as my teachings, arguments and perspectives are genuine attempts at affecting social or cultural awareness and change), and the organizer (as I've worked to hone my craft as an educator by reflecting on best practices, and as a small business owner in terms of facilitating learning within my organization).

I find myself continually advocating media literacy agendas, because I am an avid defender of free speech, and I honestly believe that educators should be charged with the responsibility of teaching students how to critically analyze the different messages that confront them. Additionally, I am an advocate of authentic, constructivist learning, because I believe that every student has a valid set of interests and experiences that can contribute to their learning of new material as they explore parts of their own 'self' in terms of who they are in relation to the world. Finally, I consistently have a mistrust of authority, and accepted understandings of 'credible' literature or notions of history that neglect the importance of examining, re-examining, and creating texts from new perspectives. The underlying print articles demonstrate my research on themes that I grapple with in my own academic and pop culture production; those notion include ideas about faith, sexuality, and morality, because while I consider myself a conscious person intellectually, I also consider myself quite human in terms of my interest in that which is physical.