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Mapping, Indexing and Modeling

This video demonstrates a map of the concepts of significance to me, indexed as interrelated words and modeled as a video. The letters type onto the screen one at a time, representing my daily life. Each day is separate but is significant in constructing these words (concepts). This often occurs by working through tensions, and it isn't often that I am able to focus on one aspect for long and the big picture is not always seen. It is the push-and-pull learning, a constant state of progression. I chose to use a video model to demonstrate a visual progression of the letters typing to build the words and the tension of the seen and unseen as the movie progresses.

Update: 11/4/09
I am still struggling with the concept of the video. I continue adding to it, but I don’t know how it will conclude. I am not sure how it will conclude, because I still don’t know what is yet to come. I am learning a lot about where I come from – the concepts, theories and people that have inspired my thinking and work. My video entries (each word is an entry) are added as I think of them. There is a narrative, although not necessarily chronological. One entry leads to the next, in a somewhat random way. Yet, it is a thoughtful random. Each letter’s addition is its own PS file, so each word takes a bit of time to create. As I move through the somewhat monotonous process of creating each entry, I ponder the next word. So, these aren’t flippant thoughts connected, but the way in which they are connected changes depending on each connection. I have noticed, thus far, that there is a general pattern: I move from the very broad to the more specific. Deductive research, I suppose.