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Concept Visualized

A research concept randomly selected from a research article that was reviewed in class discussion was re-interpreted in a visual way to try to capture meaning that made sense on an individual level and could be effectively communicated to others.

"STANDARD" Admittedly, i took this in a different direction than really fit with the context we were working in, thought i do hit it with the normal curve part a bit at the bottom. Really wanted to express the dual nature of a concept like standards. The word can raise the hairs on the back of our necks, but without such things we wouldn't get far... This balance plays a big role in my work on creativity, hence my illustrating it in this way.


Visual Bibliographic Analysis

This task involves designing a structure that identifies the theorists, philosophers, practitioners, and any other sources that inform a student’s emerging research identity. The source of the idea is found in thinking about how a bibliography can be visualized as a system of theories and practices that are indexed according to areas of content, ideas, and interests. In other words, the task was to create a referencing circle/network/community, that is content-based (rather than alphabetical). The bibliographic structure is to be presented as a self-contained entity.

Text version:

To see "Little Boxes' at full size, please my blogsite: http://spinweaveandcut.blogspot.com/2009/10/little-boxes-final-version.html

A more traditional bibliography - in use for my certification exam and start of dissertation.


Nick: Three Dimensional Visual Bibliography

Dear friend and artist Andy Malone back in Detroit printed up my piece and made it into a cube for his 2-year old daughter Julia (and infant son Martin) to play with.
Andy's pretty cool - check out his work at www.andymalone.com .