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Mapping, Indexing and Modeling

My attempt here was to map out connections between influences - voices - that have shaped my way of seeing, or perhaps, voices/ways of seeing, that my way of seeing resonated with particularly strongly along my journey.

Visually, I wanted to evoke both a (double) spider web and the idea of two turntables spinning - or perhaps interconnecting vortices, all to correspond to this notion of my method as spin/weave/cut. That is playing off of what DJs do - what i do with words/images, what spiders do in weaving connected webs, what weavers do in warp and weft. In cutting, to quote the Stereo MCs "we're picking up the pieces and we're making something new." It's an emphasis on creativity - making new from old, carrying pieces past in new forms. The idea of perspective is key throughout, by juxtaposing multiple points of view - a new way of seeing emerges - the coming together of two eyes - like the merging of male/female - something new is created. Ravel sits in the center as a word that means both itself and its opposite - to take apart and to bring together (look it up, it's true.) That's what's going on here in the mix - pulling apart ideas like cutting apart DNA and then through recombinant processes forging a new space. It's a leap across the gaps between things - that speaks to interdisciplinarity and Wilson's idea of Consilience - in jumping together, we find new ways of seeing. Interdisciplinarity also means tight rope walking across languages of opposites, being the juggling, amphibious creatures that we are. This is about creativity and about change, it's a map of connectedness, and the feedback within connected systems that leads to change. The web is a nod to graph theory or perhaps rhizomatic structures - in that there's no privileged hierarchy. We can read them as taking place over time or linking closely related thoughts. In a way, it's six steps of connections between anything that makes up a person's life. On this journey, we're guided by imagination and by knowledge - dancing between them on our way.

A note about the format - the piece exists in numerous layers in photoshop. In showing it as a single image, all-at-once, some of that is getting flattened - and unflattening is precisely the sort of things i'm seeking through these multiple, raveled views. So another format might have to do. In comics - we can take multiple, flat images, and in their juxtaposition - create an unflattened space unfolding over reversible time. But more on that another time. - N

Also - both this project and the visual bibliography are complementary cousins to "Bi(bli)ography" finished just before taking this course. It can be seen here .

Orb Weaver/Perspective Drawing/Spin, Weave, Cut