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Concept Visualized

A research concept randomly selected from a research article that was reviewed in class discussion was re-interpreted in a visual way to try to capture meaning that made sense on an individual level and could be effectively communicated to others.

"TRANSFER" (of learning…)

Thinking of transfer in terms of knowledge-seeking strategies being defined as "the cognitive steps a student takes to construct new understandings, seek new knowledge, and apply previously acquired knowledge, skill and experience" (Koroscik, 1992-1993, p.7) almost immediately a botanical model as metaphor came to mind in the form of a tree to express the constants and variables that might effect 'transfer'. However a bouquet of flowers I liked even better because it can represent a student body, individual yet part of a whole that reacts and absorbs at a different rate and intensity depending on the individual's structural make-up, condition (some flower stems broke in transit), position or location in the bunch, when and in what sequence dye was added to the water and so on.

Visual Bibliographic Analysis

This task involves designing a structure that identifies the theorists, philosophers, practitioners, and any other sources that inform a student’s emerging research identity. The source of the idea is found in thinking about how a bibliography can be visualized as a system of theories and practices that are indexed according to areas of content, ideas, and interests. In other words, the task was to create a referencing circle/network/community, that is content-based (rather than alphabetical). The bibliographic structure is to be presented as a self-contained entity.


Linda: Bibliographic Fans and Folds

As Project 2 became an extension of Project 1, I started looking at and embedding actual pictures of my artwork into the model and discovered that my method of visual organization was very much the same for my art practice as well as my teaching and research practice therefore the obvious next step was to create transparencies that could be looked at overlapping.