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Mapping, Indexing and Modeling

Please add some comments about your project and tell a little about how you responded to the task and the thinking process and visualization strategies that went into this project. Either type this as text directly onto this Project Page, or create in a Wpord file and save to the page as a PDF.

I approached this project by mapping my life in phases and jotting down thoughts as I went along. In order to index the cartograph of my life I looked for trends in my art and my practice to find a search for meaning that started mainly with the self and questions of biological and gender based identity broaden into how these personal issues connected to the larger universal scheme of life. All along I envisioned these different facets, the chronological life map with the spiritual and the artistic and teaching practice maps as overlapping fans because of the influences which support and lead to the next segment of fan as well as tranverse between layers simultaneously.