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Concept Visualized

A research concept randomly selected from a research article that was reviewed in class discussion was re-interpreted in a visual way to try to capture meaning that made sense on an individual level and could be effectively communicated to others.


The concept of the GIANT DISCO (anagram of DIAGNOSTIC):
Each facet on the disco ball represents a different finding or information from the study. By gathering all the data and analyzing them, the researcher must identify the nature or cause of the condition, problem or phenomenon. (In the diagram below, the study could be about a particular exhibition at a museum and the public’s response to it.)

Hear it
“to pull apart” “knowledge”
I also thought it was curious that it could be broken down as, Di meaning “two” and Agnostic meaning “unknowable.”


Visual Bibliographic Analysis

This task involves designing a structure that identifies the theorists, philosophers, practitioners, and any other sources that inform a student’s emerging research identity. The source of the idea is found in thinking about how a bibliography can be visualized as a system of theories and practices that are indexed according to areas of content, ideas, and interests. In other words, the task was to create a referencing circle/network/community, that is content-based (rather than alphabetical). The bibliographic structure is to be presented as a self-contained entity.


Cathy: Color Coded Bibliographic Network