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Me at 5, dreaming of becoming a "designer"
About Me

Iwas born in Tokyo, but raised in Japan, Canada and the U.S. I've lived everywhere, but fairly settled in Brooklyn (I have been in NYC for the last 15 years). I am an artist and an art educator. I work as an artist consultant for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and I'm also an artist educator at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City. I believe that engaging students, of all ages and abilities, in the visual art empowers them to think critically. I have been showing my work in group shows mostly in New York City, since 1998. I chose to become an artist/art educator as a second career path after years of toiling away in personally unfulfilling, but socially-acceptable job, which I shall refer to as “pseudo-creative jobs” in publishing, advertising and even banking. I earned my Master of Arts in Art & Art Education at TC, and currently pursuing a doctoral degree (Ed.D CT). My undergraduate degrees were in Product Design from Parsons School of Design, Art History and Communication from Boston University.

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My most recent works include textured three and two-dimensional pieces incorporating materials such as paper, wool, metals, wood and mirrors. I select different materials and textures so they serve as vehicles to question the different sets of “values” in the society. I invite people to reflect on their own experiences in interpreting my pieces in hopes that my artwork will evoke some level of emotional response from the viewers.

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