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Assessment Projects

Project 1: A visual view of practices

The purpose is to locate some significant period of your life as a practitioner that describes how different theories and practices have informed and shaped what it is that you do. A practitioner refers to how you identify or represent yourself – as a teacher, artist, philosopher, student, researcher…(all of the above?)

Project 2: Bibliographic Analysis

The first project undertaken in class involved mapping, indexing and modeling strategies designed to identify the practices you take on in the tasks you do in the various roles you assume. These pathways tracked movements along lines that were peppered with areas of process and content interest. This visualization task set in place a process of description and interpretation that can be built upon as research interests are explored.

Project 3: Research Design/Implementation

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your skill in conceptualizing and designing a research proposal. For some, this may also entail implementing a modest project. The specific nature of the project and the extent of implementation will be self-determined, but through discussion with the instructor. Although the structure described below describes a generic research process it is anticipated that the conceptual scope and thoughtful design will incorporate any of the approaches to research covered in this course. As the course proceeds, areas of arts-based and practice-led research will be discussed in order to expand the methodological landscape beyond the traditional quantitative-qualitative divides.